Welcome to BAYC!

The Bangor Area Youth Choirs, now in its the 30th year of Helping Youth Discover Their Voice, is a non-profit youth choir organization, drawing youth from towns all around the Bangor Region. BAYC seeks to provide area youth with a high-level choral experience coupled with an inclusive community of thoughtful, talented, creative young people that share a common love of singing. BAYC follows the organizational guidelines of most established children’s choirs and is not affiliated with any church, public or private school. BAYC is composed of young singers aged 8 (or 7 if approved by the Artistic Director) -18 (or in High School).

BAYC is designed to be a long-term activity and experience that grows and deepens throughout the years of the singer’s involvement. For 30 years the staff and board of BAYC have worked hard to have our organization be one that gradually and consistently builds musical expertise, character, poise, sensitivity and understanding of other cultures and eras, friendships with singers from a wide variety of backgrounds and locales, and leadership skills.

Three Choral Tracts:

Treble Singers (4:30 – 5:30pm)– for all youth ages 8-12 (7 with Artistic Director approval). This group is the starting point for our young singers and seeks to instill healthy singing techniques, music literacy, and to further nurture a life-long love of singing. The Treble Singers explore their voices through guided warmups and appropriate repertoire that seek to challenge the young singer all while having fun! They will also join the Mixed Ensemble every week to rehearse together any combined pieces.

Mixed Ensemble (ME) (5:00 – 6:00pm) – this choir is open to all youth ages 12-18. This ensemble provides an extensive choral experience through guided warm-ups, vocal pedagogy, music literacy, and an eclectic repertoire drawing on all genres, time periods, and styles. This group maintains the same high standard of instruction, experience, and performance that has been synonymous with BAYC while providing an inclusive and welcoming, high-level choral experience for all interested young people.

Chamber Singers (5:00 – 6:30pm) – ages 14-18 or with permission. This is a select/auditioned choir that offers students a focused, advanced level of choral/music education. This is achieved through advanced warm-ups, pedagogical practices and techniques, and music literacy exploration. Repertoire is challenging and draws from all genres, periods, and styles.
Chamber Singers are required to take part in the Mixed Ensemble’s rehearsals where they are expected to take on a leadership role within their section and the ensemble as a whole